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Little Doc's Llamas Little Doc -- Karen Baum, DVM

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Welcome to Little Doc's Llamas!

        Both Emile and I found the loves of our lives in Virginia. First, we found each other. Then we found our farm and started raising the llamas we love and enjoy so much. With the llamas as the mainstay, the population gradually expanded to include all the many creatures the llamas get along with so well. The dual function of the llamas as companions and guardians have made Little Doc's a safe haven for over a hundred four-legged and feathered friends.

Life on the farm!

Unlimited and unconditional love! Maggie & Little Doc. Llamas:     Lovable

In general, individuals who share their lives with animals live longer - it's a fact. If you doubt this, we invite you to come visit our farm. Walk out into the paddocks. If you're a bit timid around animals, don't worry, our llamas will introduce themselves to you. Just gaze into their eyes and feel the soft whisper of a kiss on your face. One hug around a llama's neck, a soft kiss from a llama's lips and you'll forever be a fan. Within minutes, your blood pressure will drop, you'll feel at peace with the world, you'll forget you ever had problems. Our llamas not only share their love, but they invite you to share yours. We've shared our llamas with special needs children and adults confined to nursing homes. We know first-hand the type of therapeutic boost these animals are capable of giving - and there's no prescription required!

Llamas:     Loquacious

Have you ever needed to talk to someone without being interrupted, without being judged, without being rushed? Try talking to a llama. It's great therapy and you don't have to pay by the minute! Llamas actually have a fascinating way of communicating. They talk with their whole bodies. Every movement, every ear twitch, every posture means something in the herd hierarchy. You can study them for hours and never get bored. Besides being masters of body lingo, they're quite vocal. Their vocabulary ranges from a motherly hum, to a high-pitched alarm cry. Their keen eyesight and prey instincts make them great guardians, and trust me, you'll know when danger is approaching!

You may not always understand the conversations, but it won't matter!

 Adorable beyond words! Buddies: Nelson and Marcelle. Llamas:     Adorable

Just look into those big dreamy eyes, and you'll just about get lost! We raise our llamas to love and respect humans from day-one. Because of our intensive hands-on training, our babies, teens, and adults are unbelievably attentive, affectionate, inquisitive, loving, and just plain adorable. Whether in the presence of a person with special needs, or a child, they seem to read levels of needs. Standing patiently by the side of a bedridden nursing home patient, or walking calmly alongside a child in a wheelchair, they allow folks to feel a connection. You can't help but to smile in their presence. Loving, gentle and sweet, they are wonderful pets. You'll want to pack a couple into the van to take home before you even build the barn!

Llamas:     Magnificent

Considering the absolute beauty of these animals, you'll be left awestruck. When they strike a pose at sunset, looking off into the distance, perhaps contemplating life or just listening to the wind rustle through the branches, you'll lose track of time. You'll forget the day of the week or even month! Their majestic presence and noble bearings will stop you in your tracks. If you're ever so fortunate to see the birth of a cria, they are a true wonder to behold. Their long graceful necks and slender legs seem to make up the majority of their fragile bodies. Then, as their legs unfold and the cria takes its first step, second step, and before you know it, they're off and running! Their presence will enhance any setting with their grace and charm.

White Oak Maximillian.

Surprisingly affordable! Maggie, Hazel, & Nadine with Mom & Momma. Llamas:     Affordable

The llama's gentle nature and easy maintenance makes owning them available to all ages and income. When you consider the life-expectancy of these animals, coupled with the many functions they provide, and their maintenance cost -you'll agree that pound-for-pound these companions are worth their weight in gold. You'll adopt a more active lifestyle once you realize how enjoyable hiking is with your back-packing buddy. You'll exercise, looking for outdoor chores to do just to be around them. Routine maintenance is minimal and can be done by most individuals. Because of their efficient digestive system, they fully utilize what they eat - and if you're an entrepreneur, droppings can be sold for potting mix or garden fertilizer. And if that's not enough, their fiber can be sold to spinners and made into wonderful products - you might just be unable to part with it yourself!

Llamas:     Smart

I'm a bit reluctant to brag, but my llamas are smart. It's not unusual for a winner's lineup to be dominated by Little Doc's llamas. And it's not by chance. It's the result of selective breeding, attending to the animal's needs, and training-training-training. We start with our llamas at day-one. Our animals are respectful, responsive, and resourceful. They are socialized with people, and work for people. They love to please and do a good job. Because llamas are so intelligent, they are easily trained for a variety of jobs. When you see one of Little Doc's llamas on the trail, in a show, in a nursing home, with a group of children, or guarding a flock of sheep, a herd of goats or alpacas - you'll know right away the level of love, training, and care that went into making that special animal.

Macon and Little Doc with a group of students.

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