Meet the Crew at Little Doc's Llamas

      Although the people you are most likely to meet or talk to on the phone are pictured here, there is a dedicated staff behind the scenes keeping the farm running smoothly.
      The veterinary practice is also located on the farm. Patients admitted for care or boarding feel right at home, usually finding at least one of their kind residing at Little Doc's. Animals can stay at Little Doc's resort while their owners go on vacation. The residents of the farm are gracious hosts to their four legged or feathered guests, whether they be patients or visitors.
Part of the Menagerie!

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Little Doc: Karen Baum, DVM

      Karen Baum, DVM, is one of our country's leading experts in the field of camelid health. She began her career as a veterinarian at the tender age of 5, making her way through snow, often head high to care for the family livestock, in temperatures that often dipped down to minus twenty degrees.
      Through rain, sleet, and snow, Little Doc is always on-call. A popular consultant with veterinarians, both nationally and internationally, Dr Baum has given over 100 seminars, written over 70 articles, and has lectured as far away as Australia. While a member of the faculty at the College of Veterinary Medicine, Virginia Tech, Little Doc founded the large Animal Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and established the Lama Advisory Committee.
      Little Doc is currently president and owner of Little Doc's Veterinary Care, a private large animal practice that specializes in llama and alpaca health care. In her spare time, Dr Baum serves as Vice President of the Alpaca Research Foundation and Treasurer of the International Llama Registry. When not on the farm, or making calls, you can often find Little Doc and her llamas working with special needs children, visiting nursing homes, or letting special children compete in shows with one of her llamas. Imagine the joy of seeing a wheelchair-bound child compete at a show with one of your llamas, and you'll understand where Lama Mama gets her motivation.
The Transplant from Wisconsin!

Belgian Boss: Emile De Keyser

The Orphan Magnet!       Emile De Keyser may speak with an accent, but a prouder American I've yet to meet! Born and raised in Belgium, Emile graduated from the Charleroi Uneversity du Travail with an A1 degree in Mechanical Engineering. He could weld a broken heart or repair the crack of dawn!
      Emile thought he might like to see a bit more of the world, so he joined the Merchant Marines-and stayed for 13 years! To just say that Emile saw the world doesn't do him justice. This man actually traveled to and set foot in 143 countries while mastering 7 languages fluently. He has stories to tell that most of us would only read about in books.
      Upon returning to Belgium, Emile began his own heating, cooling, and plumbing business. Although quite successful, Emile hadn't quite realized his full potential, something was missing. In 1978, he was lured to the United States when recruited by a fellow Belgian. Emile moved to Virginia, fell in love with the opportunities, the country, and with Little Doc.
      Nicknamed Pa-Pa, Emile is the one with the soft heart always coming home with orphans. His love and respect for animals is contagious. On a cold day, it'll warm your heart!

Menagerie Manager: Macon Pettyjohn

      Macon Pettyjohn has been a fixed asset at Little Doc's since 1993. Although Little Doc hasn't found a way to depreciate her on tax returns yet, Macon is a most valuable member of the team. Born a Virginia country girl, animals have always played a major role in Macon's life.
      After college, Macon went to work at a small animal clinic. Not one who can stand being caged for long, Macon soon found her niche at Little Doc's. The animals, experiences, and responsibilities are all larger - and she loves it!
      What exactly does Macon do at Little Doc's? Hmmmmmmmm. She's the receptionist, laboratory technician, animal handler, surgical assistant, caretaker, trainer, photographer, and in her spare time she cares for Little Doc and Emile's menagerie of llamas, alpacas, horses (both standard and miniature), donkeys, sheep, goats, cows, pigs, ducks, turkeys, chickens, dogs, and cats.
      Macon has a gift of working with all creatures great and small; four legs or two; fur, feathers, or skin. She shows the same compassion to a frantic owner as she shows to their distressed pet. It doesn't matter if the pet is a 15 lb. premature cria, or a 2,500 lb. lame steer!
      If you're interested in any of the llamas, give Macon a call. They're her babies, and after talking to her - you won't doubt it!
Not only does Macon talk to the animals, they talk back!

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